The institute is established based on the importance of cultivating outstanding clinical medical researchers.  The institute is oriented toward human disease research.  Its mission is to cultivate those clinical investigators or physician scientists with characteristics of biomedical profession and independent study ability.



By involving the students in prospective clinical medicine, translational medical research, exploration and solving of clinical problems, and making advancements in diagnosis and treatments; evidently leading to early detection and prevention of diseases, promotion of medical advances and improvement in human health. The cultivation of physician-scientists or scientists in other medical related fields, with intellectuality to apply theory to practical use, helps to complete the following mission of this institute: 1) Leading novel academic researches, 2) Leading clinical trials, and 3) Promoting the status of life science profession.

This institute includes a Masters and a PhD programs. The Masters program focuses on problem searching, experimental technique, and the training of logical thinking.  While the PhD program focuses at independent research ability (the ability to complete novel research independently), which includes research proposal, research planning, leading the research and research publication; other than the focuses mentioned in Masters program. Even with the heavy responsibility of service and teaching of the clinician and limitation on time of research; the medical profession training of the clinicians is an advantage in leading medical researches.  After the clinicians completed the research training, he or she will master the ability to lead novel researches independently, and then move on to translational or clinical research.



Clinical Medical Research focuses on: Service as the first priority, starts with the patients and completes with the patients.  Fellow Physicians follow the belief of providing the best service, and providing care for patients all year long; and tries to find the newer and better treatment while facing clinical difficulties.

  1. Service: Medical service with research incentives.
  2. Research: Novel research built around service.



China Medical University aims at being ranked in “The 500 World Universities”, and its affiliation “China Medical University Hospital” is an important medical center in Central Taiwan.  China Medical University and Hospital have an abundance in research facilities, resources, experts of a variety of fields (Physicians and Teachers with specialties), along with exchange programs and collaborations with numerous leading universities in the world. The institute provides an excellent teaching faculty and a most qualified research environment, in hoping to cultivate many more outstanding clinical investigators or physician scientists in the future.